Time Waver

TimeWaver Med

The deepest level of balancing

The special feature of the TimeWaver is both the analysis and balancing of the invisible influences that affect us in all life areas: from the physical to the energetic flow and regulation, to frequencies, to the psyche, and in certain circumstances, to inherited basic dispositions.

The whole person

TimeWaver works holistically and identifies differences between various levels. It considers the bodily correlations found in the Information Field, and also the energy and information levels. Ideally, these are closely related to and work well with each other, because the TimeWaver aims to be aware of the whole person.


Organ coherence

According to our understanding, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field, which is caused by vibration of electrical charges. The Organ coherence analysis intends to analyze the quality of this energy field in the Information Field, checking the linkages of the respective organs to the intact Information Field of the client. The analysys gives an insight into which group of organs, according to this model, are either over or under regulated, and which ones are balanced and coherent. The organ coherence aims to find suitable balancing approaches in the Information Field.


Reading and writing in the Information Field

Analysis and optimization in the Information Field refers to ten levels of an individual that directly and indirectly influence each other, affecting thus our psychosomatics and holistic health.

When analyzing in the Information Field, TimeWaver looks for new information that can help restore a healthy balance on all of these levels. Just as in the analysis, TimeWaver provides new information for the Information Field in the form of vibration patterns, which should compensate for the different imbalances in the Information Field.